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Ropes and cordage


In our company, on machines of German and Spanish produce a full range of ropes and cords braided. Our links are used both at sea as fishing nets, as well as in households as cords to various purposes. We use two types of braiding ropes:


  •     round - the links are soft
  •     cross - links are compressed more


We use yarn:

  •     multifilament polypropylene - PP, the full range of colors (usually red, blue, green yellow and orange)
  •     polypropylene monofilament - PPF, blue
  •     nylon -  PA, only white
  •     polyester - PE (white or black)


 There are 3 basic types of lines:

  •     floating - with links woven into the center or core plugs from a material lighter than water. We produce and sell the floating rope braided rope and sell floating curly.
  •    lead - in the center of the woven into links lead core, which causes sinking links. We produce and sell lead rope braided rope and sell lead curly.
  •    strings - a conventional name for the remaining assortment of ropes versatile applications - from home appliances to the construction industry.