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We are pleased to announce that at the beginning of December 2015 we completed our next investment in Slupsk Special Economic Zone .

In the newly established production hall we launched the modern technological line for production of fishing nets sewn by machine. At the same time we strengthened those departments that successfully functioned so far.

Therefore, to announce that the new address and place of business are:

Poldan Net Sp . Z o.o.

Ul . Braci Staniuków 40

76-200 Slupsk .

We ask to send all correspondence only to the address given above.

Please also note that the NIP , REGON and numbers and email addresses remain unchanged.


The Poldan Net Ltd is located in Słupsk, at Braci Staniuków 40 street.

Working for 20 years, company has recorded a steady growth and satisfied customers.

Company policy is favourable which defines tha basic directions of activity.

We provide our customers the reliability and timeliness of orders.

With the constant improvement of the technological line to guarantee high quality and attractive prices of their products. We know that care about the customer not have taken place without caring for its employees and is therefore systematically improve the qualifications of our employees.

In 2013 we opened a second production place in Slupsk Special Economic Zone on the Braci Staniuków 40 in Włynkówko.

It is one of the largest manufactures of fishing nets, sports nets and ropes on the Polish market.

At Poldan Net nets can be made in any shape and any size. We use PET, PP, PE nets and ropes our own production. Using the German machine Herzog and Spanish Ratera we produce ropes, btaided ropes with diameters from 0,5 mm to 18 mm in any colour. These are ropes, flying cords. led, stylon, polyester and polypropylene bags. We are also selling fishing and sailing equipment.

We provide warranty for manufactured goods as well as after sales service across the country.