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on the land...

The Poldan Net produce sports nets and protective nets for a wide range of use. It is possible to order sports and protective nets of any shape and seze. In the production we mainly ise stylon and polyethylene and lines form the own production. Poldan Net achieve orders from wholesale customers but also we are open on small orders from private customers.

on the sea...

In Poldan Net you can order any fishing nets. We sew new nets and we are making repairs in the used nets. We are also selling fishing equipment and produce ropes, braided ropes with dimaeters from 0,50 mm to 18 mm. These are floating lines, lead lines, poliamid, polyprophylen and polyester lines.

UWAGA! Zmiana siedziby firmy. Nowy adres: POLDAN NET Sp. z o.o., ul. Braci Staniuków 40, 76-200 Słupsk. Pozostałe dane pozostają bez zmian.

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